After attacking the Congress, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday also attacked BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and alleged that Reliance Group chairman Mukesh Ambani was backing the Gujarat Chief Minister.

While addressing a swelling crowd of supporters outside the party office, Mr. Kejriwal highlighted the alleged association between Mr. Modi and Mr. Ambani. “Mukesh Ambani is the man who runs this country’s government…Mr. Ambani is behind Modi also. From where does Modi get so much money? Modi moves in helicopters. From where does he get money to conduct such huge rallies? When we registered an FIR against Mr. Ambani, the Congress and the BJP joined hands,” he said.

As the crowd cheered during his 30 minutes speech and shouted slogans like “Pehle Sheila haari thi, ab Modi ki baari hai” (First it was Sheila’s turn, now Modi is next), the AAP leader with his trademark muffler wrapped around his head counted the achievements of the 48-day AAP government.

Addressing a large gathering from the same window from where he had announced AAP’s decision to form the government, he said: “They accused us of being inexperienced and said we can not govern. Is governance not about sending the corrupt to jail? Both the BJP and the Congress could not conduct audit of power distribution companies in the last five years. We did it in five days. They could not reduce corruption in 65 years, we filed FIRs against corruption done by the Sheila Dikshit Government, we did it in few weeks,” he asserted.

Mr. Kejriwal accused the Congress and the BJP leaders of “lying” about the AAP government not following the Constitution with the intention of pushing forth their plans for “corruption”.

“They tell a lie that we are not following Constitution. They themselves want to do corruption. Both the BJP and the Congress have joined hands. We say eradicate corruption. They say it is unconstitutional. People will teach them a lesson in the Lok Sabha elections,” said Mr. Kejriwal.

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