Delhi BJP chief Vijay Goel on Tuesday accused Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of resorting to “symbolism” on various issues and “failing” to adhere to deadlines on a number of initiatives.

“He and his ministerial colleagues are playing to the gallery and not doing any serious work. Mere symbolism will not help and the situation on administrative front has worsened over the last 10 days in the Capital,” he said in a statement, adding that the AAP-Congress alliance government is proving to be a disaster for the city.

Mr. Goel also accused Mr. Kejriwal of taking a “U-turn” on probing cases of alleged corruption against the previous Congress government. “The Chief Minister should answer why he has taken a U-turn on the issue of corruption by the previous Congress government? Instead of putting corrupt Congress leaders behind the bars, why is he giving such lame excuses”? he said. “It is clear that in lieu of getting support from the Congress, the AAP has decided to let the ‘big fish ‘of the Congress go scot free,” he added.

Listing the announcements made by the AAP which have remained only on paper, Mr. Goel said the corruption helpline was promised to be made functional within 48 hours and it has been more than a week after he assumed charge.

“Similarly, 45 night shelters were announced to be functional for the homeless in 48 hours but even after several days, they have not been made functional,” he said.

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