Allegations made during phone calls allegedly drove her to suicide

On August 3 at 3.03 p.m. for 1.5 minutes and again at 7.50 p.m. for a little over 21 minutes, former Haryana Minister Gopal Goyal Kanda’s lawyer Ankit Ahluwalia, who is listed by the police as a prosecution witness in the Geetika Sharma suicide case, spoke to Geetika on the phone.

He allegedly conveyed Mr. Kanda’s “threatening message” that the air hostess should sign on a petition to be filed before a Bench of the Goa High Court seeking quashing of a first information report lodged against Ankita Singh by her. In her suicide note, Geetika had alleged that Ms. Ankita was in a relationship with Mr. Kanda. The police told the court that Ms. Ankita is yet to join the investigation and is “hiding” in Singapore.

On August 3 at 8.39 p.m., Mr. Kanda’s aide Aruna Chaddha called up Geetika’s mother Anuradha Sharma and talked to her for over 16 minutes. Ms. Chaddha allegedly cast aspersions on Geetika’s character and asked Ms. Sharma to get her daughter to resign from Sundale Education Society and return the admission fee paid for Geetika’s admission to an MBA course.

“Ms. Chaddha levelled these allegations on behalf of Mr. Kanda with full intention and knowledge that the said allegation would definitely be revealed to Geetika by her mother,” the charge sheet said.

Hearing these allegations, Geetika’s mother called Mr. Kanda on August 4, but he did not respond. He called back at 10.51 p.m. the same day. Ms. Sharma asked him whether he had levelled these allegations about Geetika, as allegedly revealed to her by Ms. Chaddha. The police alleged that Mr. Kanda used rude and foul language and reiterated the allegations made by Ms. Chaddha against Geetika. He also threatened to lodge a first information report against Geetika in Gurgaon if she did not rejoin the MDLR Group.

Ms. Sharma was upset and she narrated all the allegations to Geetika. The 23-year-old was also worried about these aspersions against her getting wide publicity and impacting her future.

“Having heard these allegations about her character, Geetika became extremely distressed and depressed and was driven to committing suicide by hanging herself the same night,” the police alleged.

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