Students and faculty at Jawaharlal Nehru University will soon find it easier to get their research published in reputed international journals if the Oxford University Press and other academic publications finalise their plan to lend their support to the university’s newly formed press.

“When we launch the university press, it will be run on a collaboration basis. Talks with OUP are in the early stages and we have several other reputed international journals in mind,” said JNU’s librarian Ramesh Gaur, who is also the managing editor of the Management Committee set up for the JNU Press.

Students and faculty alike are very excited at the prospect since publication in an international journal can do wonders to an academic career. “It is very difficult to get published and these initiatives will immensely help the students and especially the faculty,” added Mr. Gaur.

Meanwhile, the Left-affiliated students intend to make sure that outside forces do not undermine anything at the university. “We will make sure that the JNU Press remains an equal partner while taking decisions on whose material they choose to publish,” said Akbar Chowdhary, a Ph.D. student who was also a library convenor.