‘Congress offer of support is half a challenge’

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national executive member Yogendra Yadav on Thursday said that the Delhi Assembly results had thrown up a “Dharm Sankat” (moral dilemma) and the party would await the results of the opinion poll launched by the party to know whether it should form the government with the Congress support or not.

Speaking to reporters here, Mr. Yadav said that the party was even ready for another round of elections to the Delhi Assembly if the opinion poll results said so. “If Delhi says so, we are ready,” he said. The party faced the tricky position of being dubbed an “opportunist” if it goes with the Congress and of “running away from responsibility” if it refused to do so, he added.

He said that the ongoing opinion poll was neither a “clever ploy” nor a seeking of people’s opinion in a “rhetorical sense,” but a direct attempt to go back to people and seek an answer in the manner of a referendum.

Mr. Yadav said that the Congress offer of support to form the government was “half a challenge” and came with strings attached. He said that the opinion poll would not just rely on SMSes, but on public rallies that were being held in four places in each constituency.

Asked whether the AAP was an urban-based party, he said that “time would answer the question,” adding that the party had proved many such assumptions and scepticisms wrong. He said that the attempts of the other parties to field “clean candidates” was a welcome move, but warned that “clean faces can be used to hide corruption” and people must be wary of it.

Mr. Yadav described the notion of an “aam aadmi” as an “attribute we all carry in big or small measures when we are the most vulnerable, which spurs a citizen to do something about it.”

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