Study throughout the year instead of just cramming during exams, work smart and not just hard, and have realistic but determined goals – these were the simple strategies of success adopted by the city’s three students who topped this year’s Class XII Central Board of Secondary Education examinations, the results for which were declared here on Monday.

Paras Sharma with an enviable score of 99 per cent in Commerce is not only the top scorer in Delhi but also holds the top position in the country along with a Science student from Madhya Pradesh. “I studied hard from the first day of class, I had some extra tuition for a couple of subjects but mostly I was determined and I worked hard,” he said, adding that Economics (Honours) in Stephens’ College is where he wants to go to next.

“Only the top spot for me too and nothing else,” thought Science student Nikhil Chaturvedi when his sister topped the CBSE exams a couple of years ago. Accordingly, when it was his turn he thought out a clever strategy to get his 98.8 per cent. “It really doesn’t matter how long you study or what you study, it is about how,” he said mysteriously, adding that Engineering was his future and that nothing but the top school would do.

“I have already cleared the IIT (main) exams and have already started preparing for the IIT (advanced) in June,” he said, while his mother, also a gold medallist in Science in her time was quick to add that her son was not only about studies but also bothered a lot about other things like being the school president and writing poems. His father said he was proud that his son’s St. Columba’s School had given him the same trophy that was given many years ago to Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. Being consistent with her work while setting realistic goals, making sure that she was not burdened with too much to do and most importantly, enjoying the subjects she studied were the main strategies employed by Rene Sharanya Verma who topped the Humanities. She also credits her school, K. R. Mangalam World School in Greater Kailash II for the fact that she didn’t need any tuition for her score of 98 per cent.

“My favourite subjects are Political Science and History. I want an Honours degree in either of these from St. Stephens’ College or Lady Shri Ram College.”

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