About a month ago, 28-year-old businessman Gaurav Rishi accidentally fell from the sixth floor of the Hyatt Residency to the fourth floor and has been in coma since then.

While alleging negligence on the part of the hotel, his family said they have been making efforts to get a case registered, the hotel management refuted the charge stating that all measures were taken to ensure that the injured received the best and most prompt medical support.

The South Delhi police which is investigating the matter said they are in touch with the family and would take appropriate action based on the findings.

According to the family members of Gaurav, it was because of Hyatt’s negligence that he met with an accident. The family has also been running a blog, through which they aim to create awareness about this incident and “Hyatt’s insensitivity”.

A family member told The Hindu: “The day Gaurav met with an accident in Hyatt Residency he had gone to the hotel to meet two of his female friends. After having dinner in the executive floor, they went to the sixth floor terrace for a smoke. Gaurav’s friends who were with him that night told us that the area where they went was dimly lit and some construction material was lying on the floor. Gaurav stood on an elevated structure adjacent to the parapet, which was wide enough for a person to stand easily and within a few minutes slipped down to the fourth floor.”

“He sure was not drunk and this was confirmed through his medical report as well. He must have slipped on the construction material lying there. If construction was going on in the hotel, the management should have put up a sign indicating the same,” alleged the relative.

Gaurav’s brother Mrigank Tripathi said: “This is a case of blatant disregard for guest safety at every step. They first exposed a guest to an unsafe area, and then were under-equipped and ill-prepared to provide appropriate medical treatment, because of which he almost died. Such apathy cannot be ignored.”

The family further alleged that after Gaurav fell down to fourth floor. He kept lying there without medical attention for a long time. It was only after 45 minutes of the accident that he was taken to the hospital. Even the ambulance which was called from the hospital, it was without life support. The police said they have gathered CCTV footage pointing to the delay in taking Gaurav to the hospital but they have no evidence so far on how the accident took place.

Countering the charges, Hyatt told The Hindu via email: “At Hyatt Regency Delhi, we work hard to ensure the comfort and safety of our resident and non-resident guests and are deeply saddened by this incident. Our first and foremost concern has been to ensure that everything possible has and is done to support the injured. We want to reiterate that we have not been negligent in any manner whatsoever, in fact we have done everything possible to ensure that the injured received the best and most prompt medical support. Since the matter is now sub-judice, we are cooperating with the investigation and will share information as it becomes available and permitted by the authorities.”

When The Hindu, spoke to a couple of other five-star hotels about the internal security arrangements, it found that most of the hotels, in case of an under-construction area on a particular would shut the entire floor to prevent the guests from going there. Also, they put a sign board indicating danger if there is any in the hotel.

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