Day One of admissions under the fourth list continued to echo the trend of lesser-known, off-campus colleges managing to complete admissions and dismissing all hopes of a fifth list — normally the stand taken by popular colleges with coveted courses who generally close all admissions within the second or third list.

Dyal Singh College reported that it had admitted thrice its seat availability in Political Science and Desh Bandhu College will probably be closing their admissions to all courses, but North Campus colleges like Hindu, Miranda House, Ramjas and Hans Raj still have seats open in most of their popular courses.

“Most of the really good colleges have been forced to declare higher cut-offs than usual in order to be extra-cautious against over-admissions and this is the reason why they continued to have courses open in the fourth list. In the earlier three-year structure, if a Department ended up over-admitting students it was that Department’s problem. But now, under the new four-year undergraduate course, each student will be the responsibility of several Departments, and therefore, one Department cannot afford to over-admit. Hence the higher cut-offs this year,” said Lady Shri Ram College spokesperson Kannika.

However, a fifth list has been ruled out in this college, which had only History open in the fourth list. “The seats are almost filled. Some of the category seats are open in a few courses,” she added.

Hindu College, with the highest cut-off of 99.97 per cent this admission season, has scaled down to 99.25 per cent to 96.25 per cent. “The amount of precautions we take is so that we never get into a nasty situation like some other colleges who haven’t been able to cope with the rush and ended up closing their admissions before the stipulated time. Our admissions are done in a phased manner and we never have trouble,” said Hindu College Principal Pradyum Kumar, adding although they have very few seats available they cannot completely rule out the possibility of a fifth list.

“The Business of Management Studies interviews are coming up, and there may be some withdrawals from Commerce students. We are prepared for such eventualities too,” he added.

Sri Venkateshwara College, which had seats available in English, Economics and Sociology courses, admitted around 60 students on Monday. Ramjas College is also running out of seats, but did not rule out the possibility of a fifth list due to withdrawals.

Lesser-known colleges like Maharaja Agrasen, Swami Shraddhanand, Atma Ram and Khalsa couldn’t cope with over admissions and caused trouble by illegally closing their admissions prior to the dates given by the University.

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