Friends, well-wishers and members of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Saturday eagerly awaited the results of the Delhi Assembly elections. The party’s office on Hanuman Road had a positive buzz the day before counting of votes.

AAP national executive committee member Manish Sisodia told The Hindu: “We are all eagerly waiting for tomorrow [Sunday] and are confident that we will win with full majority. The atmosphere in the camp is buoyant with hope and anticipation.”

Party leader Arvind Kejriwal reportedly returned home on Saturday afternoon from the vipassana programme he had been attending since casting his vote on December 4.

“He had a three-hour-long discussion with his core group about the way elections were held in Delhi, our expected performance, what the buzz was and our chances of winning,” said Mr. Sisodia.

Stating that the party will win because of the “hope and credibility” it brings, he added: “There are workers in other parties who have the credibility but do not have the courage to question those doing wrong. The AAP changed that trend”.

Reacting to a senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader’s statement that the party was open to an alliance with the AAP, Mr. Sisodia said: “Well, we are not looking at any alliance. If the BJP is open to an alliance, then they must be open to power sharing with the Congress. In case the AAP doesn’t get a full majority, we would rather sit in the Opposition. There is no question of any alliance”. Mr. Sisodia further stated that his party had not planned any celebrations for Sunday. “But, we are positive about good news pouring in for us. If we get a majority, we will take it as our responsibility and immediately engage in planning for a transparent government.”

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