Frequent quarrels with her Indian husband threatening to spoil their relationship, a young Scandinavian woman here in Delhi faked her journey back home to Denmark over the weekend hoping he will eventually woo her back.

But her theatrics landed her in trouble when she was caught with a forged air ticket at Indira Gandhi International Airport here.

Twenty-six-year-old Alay had met and married Sunil Kumar from Hoshiarpur in Punjab two years ago in Denmark where he worked in a restaurant. She gave birth to a baby boy recently, following which the couple decided to visit Sunil’s parents in Hoshiarpur. They came to India last November hoping to settle here for good.

In due course, they began quarrelling over family matters. The growing discord led Alay to allegedly hatch a plan to teach her husband a lesson and eventually win back his affection.

The Danish woman downloaded her e-ticket to India and allegedly edited it to pass it off as a fresh return ticket to Denmark. She showed the ticket to her husband saying she was leaving him for good.

“During questioning, she disclosed that she never wanted to leave her husband nor did she plan to go back to Denmark. Her only intention was to give him a jolt and pleasantly surprise him with her reappearance,” said a Delhi Police officer on Saturday.

Sunil accompanied Alay to the airport to see her off. She entered the Terminal-3 departure area through Gate No.5 at 3-20 a.m. on Friday, allegedly showing the fake e-ticket to security personnel. She loitered about for three long hours to ensure that her husband left the airport. Then she walked back towards the same gate (Gate No.5) and requested the security personnel to let her out.

“When they enquired why she wanted to go out, she told them that she had fed a false story to her husband. She admitted having used a fake ticket to gain entry into the airport. She said she never planned to board any flight. She also revealed her fascination for romantic movies that had a lived-happily-ever-after ending,” said the officer.

After Alay was detained and handed over to the Airport Police for necessary legal action, her husband was informed, who dutifully rushed to the airport.

“Alay has been booked under Sections 447 (criminal trespass), 465 (forgery) and 474 (having a document in possession knowing it to be forged and intending to use it as genuine) of the Indian Penal Code,” said the police.

According to police sources, she was eventually released on bail as she harboured no criminal intention to misuse the forged ticket.

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