“Today is like any other day for me…I am relaxed and just waiting for the election results,” Bharatiya Janata Party chief ministerial candidate Harsh Vardhan said on Saturday.

The mood in his house was jovial as supporters gathered with bouquets of flowers. The constant buzz of mediapersons approaching him for interviews was contrary to Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s residence, where the scene seemed calmer.

“I am confident of the party’s win, so there is no question of being nervous or tense. I am relaxed and hoping for the best outcome,” Dr. Vardhan told The Hindu. He added that his family was also relaxed. “Of course, everyone is hoping for a positive result,” he said.

Referring to the exit polls that did not indicate a straight win for his party, Dr. Vardhan said: “There is no question of the BJP forming an alliance with any other party. I am confident that the party will get a clear majority.” A hung Assembly was only media speculation he added.

Though exhausted after a long campaign, Dr. Vardhan said there was no question of taking a break. “If we win, we will have to ensure that the formation of government happens in a smooth manner and there will be more work for me as well as the party,” he said. Talking about the response in his Krishna Nagar constituency, Dr. Vardhan said it had been overwhelming. On observing superstitions before important days, he said: “I only believe in karma…”

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