Two security personnel allegedly misbehaved with Delhi School of Economics professor Dr. Anirban Kar at the Arts Faculty here on Monday.

Five Delhi University teachers have signed a letter of protest against the incident and have submitted it to the Vice-Chancellor. A copy will also be sent to the Proctor.

Dr. Kar was sticking posters related to a seminar by the “Campaign Against War on People” when he was reportedly asked by a security personnel to remove the posters.

“We were ready to remove the posters. But first we wanted proof of a law against sticking of posters,” Dr. Kar said. At that point the security guard reportedly fetched another guard.

“The latter began abusing and threatening me. He was also about to slap me. Then he took my identity card. A policeman also arrived at the scene. He took down my contact details and threatened to slap criminal charges against me,” Dr. Kar added.

“We did remove the posters before the seminar finished,” Dr. Kar said. After the seminar Dr. Kar retrieved his identity card.

The letter protesting against the incident states: “It is a matter of grave concern and shock that any member of the university could be treated in such a manner. This is a university space and it should be treated thus. The actions of the university officials should reflect and foster the university’s democratic ethos.”

It also states: “The behaviour of the university officials is objectionable and fundamentally unacceptable. Such intimidating actions are merely pretexts to stifle legitimate discussions of democratic issues and varied social concerns. We strongly condemn the action and want that stern action should be taken against erring officials.”

Dr. Kar said it was problematic that there had been selective harassment. The security officials had clamped down on the seminar posters whereas thousands of posters, including business advertisements were on every university building.

When contacted Delhi University Proctor Prof. Gurmeet Singh said: “How can a security guard be expected to carry the proof of law in his pocket? There is a legal act that prevents defacement of public property. A monetary fine can be imposed or the offender might even be arrested.”

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