Power cuts have been reported from several areas in East Delhi for the past three days after the Badarpur Thermal Power Station (BTPS) link to Delhi Transco Limited’s (DTL) Ghazipur 220 kV grid broke down on Monday night in the Noida segment. The line is being maintained by the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL).

According to officials of the power discom BYPL, the fault is constraining the flow of electricity to DTL’s Ghazipur grid, which in turn feeds electricity to Patparganj, Ghazipur and Mayur Vihar areas.

“This has been sporadically affecting power supply in parts of East Delhi for the last couple of days. On BYPL’s request, DTL has agreed to loan 220 kV ‘jointing kits’ and ‘cable spools’ to UPPCL for fixing this issue. It is expected that UPPCL will be able to restore the 220 kV line in a couple of days,” said a spokesperson.

To supply power in the area, BYPL is diverting power from its Akshardham grid to Ghazipur. “For enabling the same, DTL will have to replace an undersized isolator in their downstream Patparganj grid. DTL has initiated the work at its Patparganj grid. The activity to replace the isolator is expected to take around six hours, post which full normalcy is expected to be restored in Ghazipur, Patparganj and Mayur Vihar areas,” the spokesperson said.

The discom has said there will be rotational load shedding carried out in a few pockets of Ghazipur, Patparganj and Mayur Vihar during the intervening period till the isolators are replaced at Patpagranj.

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