The Delhi Women and Child Welfare Department (WCD) on Thursday asked the Delhi Police to submit the first post mortem report of Manipuri woman Reingamphi Awungshi who was found dead in her rented accommodation on May 29. This request has been forwarded following “suspicion about foul play in the case and to ensure that the victim is not denied justice,” WCD Minister Kiran Walia said.

“After reports about discrepancy in the second post mortem report – which was submitted on June 5 – we have asked for the first report and the two will be handed over to a group of experts who will examine it,” noted Prof. Walia.

Earlier a three-member health committee comprising senior doctors from Mulana Azad Medical College and University College of Medical Sciences was set-up to look into the case.

Speaking about the case, the Minister said it were the injuries on the face of the victim that were a cause of concern. “We need to understand the nature of injuries, what caused them and verify the rodent marks etc.”

Meanwhile, demanding justice for the deceased and alleging that Reingamphi Awungshi alias A.S. Solam, who hailed from Ukhrul district of Manipur, was murdered and did not commit suicide, as is being claimed by the police, the North East Support Centre member Shingali Thothuingam said: “There were signs of brutal mutilation on her nose, face and her legs .Her eyelids were scratched, eyes were bleeding and there was a pool of blood where she was found lying.”

Alleging that both post mortems have not been able to certify the cause of death, he added: “The victim’s relatives had complained to the police and charged that the victim’s landlord and his brother-in-law had sexually assaulted and murdered her. The men were stalking and harassing the victim. We also found that the victim had stocked up vegetables and rice, which gives no indication of a suicide.”

Demanding that the Government ensure the safety and security of people from North East living, working and studying in Delhi and that they be treated equally without any discrimination and ensure justice is done; members of the Centre have also strongly condemned the manner in which the police have handled the case.

“We have been protesting over last several days to ensure justice is done and we will continue our struggle to ensure peace to family of late Reingamphi Awungshi . The present FIR done unilaterally by Malviya Nagar Police Station Delhi without taking into consideration the complainants’ letter should be retracted and a fresh FIR be filed alleging sections 302 (murder) and 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder). Malviya Nagar Police Station had filed FIR under IPC Section 306 (abetment to suicide) which has been rejected by family members,” noted Mr. Thothuingam.


Protesters demand justice June 7, 2013

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