If the prices continue to soar, says Minister

With a shortage of 629 tonnes of onions this year that is pushing up the prices, a concerned Delhi Government may open stalls to make available onions at reasonable rates in the event prices continue to soar.

Development Minister Raj Kumar Chauhan said on Tuesday that there has been lesser arrival of onion stocks during the first six days of August in comparison to last year. In 2012, the Capital received 4,513.5 tonnes whereas the supply has been only 3,884.5 tonnes in the corresponding period this year which is a 14 per cent reduction.

The wholesale rates on Tuesday ranged between Rs.19.50 and Rs.32.50 in comparison to the range last year of between Rs.4.50 and Rs.9.25 per kg. At the Azadpur Mandi, the arrival on Monday was 613 tonnes and wholesale rates on Tuesday ranged between Rs.10.50 and Rs.32.50 per kg.

Mr. Chauhan said the government is keeping a close watch on the rising trend in onion prices across the city and it will not leave people at the whims of hoarders and black-marketeers.

He said the rising trend is expected to reverse in the next 7 to 10 days.

The drastic shortage in arrival during the past few days has directly or indirectly affected the onion prices, he said. The modal rates in Rajasthan on Tuesday ranged between Rs.2,375 to Rs.2,875 per quintal, in Madhya Pradesh between Rs.2,850 and Rs.3,100 per quintal, in Maharashtra from Rs.3,000 to Rs.3,100 per quintal and in Haryana from Rs.2,750 to Rs.2,875 per quintal.

All these States supply onions to the Capital.

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