A 23-year-old man was injured in a freak accident near a Delhi Metro railway construction site in Yusuf Sarai here on Thursday afternoon.

Deepak, an employee of a cell phone service provider, was standing near a girder at the construction site when it fell off the hinges and crushed his left leg.

“The mishap took place around 1 p.m. Some workers employed by the contractor came and rested on the girder. As it was placed on some metallic stands, it sank and crushed the leg of Deepak who was standing nearby,” said Paramjit, a shop owner present at the site.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation pinned the blame on Deepak, saying he was sitting on the girder which was not permitted.

In a statement, the DMRC said: “The person suffered an injury in his leg when a metallic girder on which he was sitting along with his friends misbalanced and slipped. The person, an outsider, made an unauthorised entry into the metro construction site at Yusuf Sarai along with three others during re-shuffling of barricades in the area and sat down on the construction material lying on the ground.”

Deepak, who is currently being treated at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences Trauma Centre, has been operated upon. “The doctors have operated on his leg but the prognosis is not very good. They said after he becomes conscious they would be in a better position to tell whether the leg can be saved or will have to be amputated,” said Paramjit.

There was no barricading as the DMRC claimed, the whole place is open and we are all vulnerable to such accidents. After Deepak got injured, the contractor’s men put up some green barricading, but till then everything was out in the open,” he charged.

A resident of Ajmeri Gate, Deepak was working as a collector for a mobile service company.

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