The All-India Institute of Medical Sciences and Safdarjung Hospital have been issued fresh “challans” after dengue-causing mosquito breeding was detected in their premises yet another time.

New Delhi Municipal Council Medical Health Officer Dr. P. K. Sharma said: “About two days ago our domestic breeding checkers found breeding at Lodhi Estate and Sunehri Bagh and on Wednesday fresh breeding was found at AIIMS and Safdarjung.”

“These hospitals have been challaned on two occasions earlier as well and come in the category of habitual offenders despite us issuing them reminders and legal notices. Most of the breeding is found in the rooms of students residing in the hostels. These students often go on leave after locking up their rooms. This prevents the administration from accessing their rooms to clean the water coolers in order to avoid mosquito breeding conditions,” he added.

According to Mr. Sharma, a total of 40 cases of dengue have been reported in the NDMC area so far this season. “October and November are the peak season for dengue. Late rains and the fact that the temperature is still below the 15 degrees Celsius mark makes this a good season for occurrence of dengue. This disease also goes through a cyclic trend wherein it resurges after every four years and this is the fourth year,” he added.

But Mr. Sharma said though more number of dengue cases were being reported, the number of fatalities is not high.

“The lifestyle change in people’s lives of going in for feng shui items in their homes that involve water storage in bamboo plants among other things is also contributing to increased number of dengue cases being reported in the city,” he added.

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