Four persons, including two women, have been arrested in connection with the murder of a woman and her octogenarian mother during a robbery at their Laxmi Nagar house in East Delhi earlier this week.

The accused have been identified as the victims’ part-time maid Chandna (28), her paramour Rakhal (27), vegetable vendor Prem Babu (45) and his wife Urmila (30). The police claim to have recovered two stolen mobile phones and a pair of earrings and seized the weapon of offence.

Fifty-five-year-old Rajni and her mother Rampati (85) were found murdered inside their house in Gali No. 5A of Laxmi Nagar on August 18. Preliminary investigation suggested that the entry into the house was friendly and the motive appeared to be robbery as some jewellery and mobile phones were found to be missing.

During investigations, the police questioned the victims’ family members, relatives, neighbours and those having access to the house. The movements of the suspects were verified physically as well as through technical surveillance. After two days of questioning, the police zeroed in on Chandna, Prem Babu, Urmila and Rakhal. The four were detained from their hideouts in Ferozabad and Greater Noida and subjected to sustained interrogation.

It was revealed during their interrogation that Chandna had access to the victims’ house as she would work for them whenever their domestic help did not come and also cooked food on special occasions and family functions. Chandna came to know that Rajni earned a huge income from rent. Rajni was in the habit of showing-off and had told Chandna a few days before the incident that she had bought a pair of bangles for Rs.2 lakh. Chandna, who had separated from her husband, wanted to marry Rakhal and was in need of money. She hatched a plan with Rakhal to commit the robbery at Rajni’s house. Prem Babu, who had suffered a loss in his venture, and his wife Urmila also joined them.

As per the plan, Chandna helped Rakhal, Prem and Urmila in gaining entry into the house and thereafter the four overpowered both the women and slit their throats. The four then decamped with jewellery and mobile phones. They also ransacked the house in search of cash before decamping.

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