As winter sets in, the prospect of fog looms large over the Capital. Though there was no fog on Friday, the weatherman said shallow fog could be expected in the morning on Saturday.

The weatherman recorded 2.6 mm of rainfall on Friday while the maximum and minimum temperatures stood at 22.6 degrees and 17 degrees Celsius respectively.

A generally cloudy sky and light rain or thundershowers have been forecast for Saturday.

Since dense fog is also responsible for delay and diversion of flights during winter, Delhi International Airport Limited has made arrangements to tackle the fog at Indira Gandhi International Airport.

“We have evolved a system incorporating dynamic and empirical techniques to tackle fog,” said R. K. Jenamani, director of the airport’s Meteorological Office, on Friday.

“Though we do not have a system which can generate fog forecasts for the entire season, we can forecast fog patterns for a three- to seven-day period. At present we give fog forecasts at six-hour intervals which are valid for 18 hours,” said Dr. Jenamani.

“Fog is a seasonal phenomenon and usually occurs in December and can continue till February. However, this is very variable. It hardly occurs in November and rarely in March,” Dr. Jenamani said.

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