The fifth Delhi Legislative Assembly has dozens of first-time legislators and the excitement amongst them on the first day of the session was palpable even as several of them were trying to get accustomed to their new-found role.

Donning his trademark combat jacket, AAP legislator from Delhi Cantt, Commando Surender Singh said on Wednesday he has officially taken over a new role and “would try to implement the experience he gained on a different battlefield in the past while performing his duty as an MLA”.

“One of the biggest lessons of being a commando is the sense of discipline in life. I served my country in Kargil and on 26/11. Now the ground has changed. I would try to serve in the best possible manner,” said Mr. Surender, adding that “he has been wearing the combat jacket from the time he joined the Army and would continue to do so till the time he breathes last”.

Health Minister Satyendra Jain, meanwhile, said the day also marked a personal accomplishment for him. “Now my wife would be taking me straight for shopping as I am wearing the same shoe that I have been putting on since the campaigning days. I had pledged I would be getting a new shoe only after taking oath,” said Mr. Jain, pointing to his worn out black sports shoe.

The day also witnessed the next generation of one of the well known political families in the Capital taking forward the political legacy of the family. “I used to visit the Assembly with my father as a kid. But today is a different occasion. I am coming here after a long time. But I realise, I have that extra responsibility of meeting with the expectations because of my surname,” said Pravesh Verma, son of former Delhi Chief Minister Sahib Singh Verma.

Mr. Pravesh defeated veteran Congressman and former Speaker Yoganand Shastri from Mehrauli.

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