Accusing Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Deepak Pental of using arbitrary means to implement the semester system at the under-graduate level, the Delhi University Teachers' Association has called upon teachers to disassociate themselves from the ongoing admission process.

At a press conference here on Monday, DUTA president Prof. Aditya Narayan Misra also called upon teachers to disassociate themselves from preparing the time-table for the upcoming academic session.

Speaking about the appeal to teachers to disassociate themselves from the admission process, Prof. Misra said: “The admission process may be impacted. However this is an urgent cause and we will adopt peaceful means. We demand immediate withdrawal of the irregular, unlawful and illegitimate means that have been adopted to bring in the semester system.”

There are plans to convene a general body meeting of teachers in July to protest on the issue, prior to which a meeting of the staff associations would be held to mobilise support for the general body meeting.

Condemning the manner in which the semester-based syllabus for 12 Science courses had been passed at the May 13 Academic Council meeting, Prof. Misra alleged that other decisions had been taken without putting it for consideration before the AC.

“This year, a decision has been taken to centralise the procedure for sports admissions without consulting the AC,” he said.

“The order recently issued by the High Court had asked the V-C to meet the teachers and discuss core issues. Instead notifications were given for implementing the semester system,” Prof. Misra said, adding that the major concern was to ensure that Delhi University continued to live up to its standards.

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