The second “open” day at Delhi University’s South Campus continued to be as “un-open” as it could be on Friday with university officials still continuing to evade genuine questions about the four-year undergraduate course, so much so that the only recourse to information were the pamphlets and explanations coming forth from the participants of the “Save DU campaign” stationed outside.

“It is really shocking that the university authorities in charge of the ‘Open’ days are unable to provide any convincing answers to the questions raised by students and parents. Instead of addressing the genuine concerns of the prospective applicants, they continue behaving rudely when posed with questions for which they lack answers. This attitude of the DU officials only exposes the fact that the University is not prepared to handle implementation of this new structure,” said Abha Dev Habib, a member of the “Save DU campaign,” which has been formed to oppose the implementation of the four-year course.

A public hearing about the four-year undergraduate programme will be organised by the All India Students’ Association outside the Arts Faculty gate in North Campus on May 30.