Two young men from whom the friends of 21-year-old Anmol Sarna, who suffered serious injuries at a Kalkaji apartment complex here and died in the early hours of September 14, had allegedly procured drugs have been held along with an acquaintance of the accused persons.

Police investigations have revealed that a couple of days before they met at Pranil Shah’s residence in Kalkaji on September 13, some of the friends had bought drugs from the suspected drug peddlers in neighbouring Noida. The police zeroed in on Mehul, a friend of accused Madhav Bhandari, who allegedly disclosed that he had introduced him to one Bhuvan through whom Madhav allegedly came in contact with Dushyant.

Madhav and his friends allegedly bought five doses of drugs from Dushyant for Rs.7,000.

Accordingly, the police arrested Mehul, Bhuvan and Dushyant.

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