Even as Delhi University prepares to begin admissions to all its undergraduate programmes under its new four-year structure, the Sociology and History syllabus is yet to be completely finalised, with the departments submitting the rough structure of the syllabus to the Faculty of Social Sciences only on Friday.

The syllabus will have to be again placed before the Academic Council which would deliberate and make any changes or amendments, if necessary, and then place the syllabus for approval before the Executive Council, only after this will the syllabus be final.

“The Academic Council might meet on Monday,” said Deputy Dean (Academics) Sangit Ragi, while confirming that the syllabus for both these subjects had been completed and placed before the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The Academic Council had met earlier in the month and over the course of two days had approved of the remaining 58 courses that make up the course. While the Sociology department said that time given for the course was just not sufficient, the History department saw some drama when a significant number of members refused to participate in the syllabus making.