Working overtime trying to keep up with the number of people coming in with minor ailments and health complaints, doctors at the health units set up at Ramlila Maidan say that they have now stopped counting the number of people coming in for help.

“We have received 4,088 patients so far, of which two persons were critical and have been admitted to the LNJP Hospital. We are getting a large number of patients with headaches, sore throat, eye flu, ear aches and stomach infections. A large number of people are also coming in with fever and various types of allergies. The hot-cold weather that the city is experiencing is adding to their woes,” said Bijay Shankar, who is in-charge of the first-aid unit set up by Anna Hazare's supporters.

Mr. Shankar said there were also patients coming in with heightened anxiety and dipping blood sugar levels. “There are people who get anxious because of the crowd and the loud noise. There have been cases of fluctuating blood pressure levels which we have been able to manage here at the health centre itself. Two persons reported with chest pains and they were immediately taken to LNJP Hospital this weekend. We are also getting cases of dog bites which too are put under the referral category,” added Mr. Shankar.

The group has also set up a counselling unit which helps people understand that hunger strike cannot be undertaken by everyone.

Doctors at the MCD health unit set up at the Maidan said: “The weekend was extremely taxing because of the large number of people participating in the protest, but on Tuesday the crowds have reduced and the number of people coming in for medical help too has gone down. We are also advising people not to bring very small children to the Maidan,” said MCD official Dr. Rudal Maurya.

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