With virtually a new corridor being added to its network every month till September, Delhi Metro has been increasing its training intake capacity and evolving modules like Simulator system.

“To cope up with increased load for Phase—2, we have added a new block to the existing Training Institute to meet the demands for engineers and train operators. It can accommodate 600 trainees at a time,” S K Sinha, incharge of Recruitment and Training, told reporters here.

Currently, the DMRC is recruiting about 1,000 staff per year, more than that done by the Railway Recruitment Board or the Staff Selection Committee. Four more corridors are lined up for operation by September, including the Airport Express line and Badarpur line.

The new block, commissioned in January, boasts of latest technology-oriented equipment like Full Motion Simulator system, Computer Based Training lab (for train operators) and Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Simulator (for maintenance staff).

“This year, so far 1084 new staff has joined the training institute, the only centre in south Asia having the advanced Simulator system,” Mr. Sinha said, adding presently 900 trainees are being trained.

The highlight of the training programme is the Full Motion cab simulator for training Train Operators.

A train simulator is static equipment, which generates 3D computer image view similar to the real time operating environment of train, including signals, feed back and braking system.

“We create about 250 unusual scenarios (fire, person falling in train tracks, different weather conditions etc) which the trainers will learn to handle through the simulator.

After the six-month training, they will be deployed in trains along with an experienced operator being a full-time Train Operator,” Rupesh Kumar, Principal, Delhi Metro Training Institute, said.

“A trainee has to successfully ride the train (simulator) for 400 Kms in the presence of a supervisor, including in night conditions, foggy weather and signal errors. The most common problem that a Train Operator encounters is the Lines Feed Back,” he said.

Satish Kumar, Director of Electricals wing, said all the proposed lines will become functional by September.

When asked whether the DMRC is taking any particular measures to handle the possible rush during the Commonwealth Games, he said, “The Metro plans are on a long-term basis, not confined to the Games. But still we are considering whether we can operate more trains on the routes that will connect the stadia during the event.”

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