The CAG performance audit report has remarked that four 1250-kVA diesel generator (DG) sets purchased at a cost of Rs.6.96 crore by the DDA, despite having power supply from two separate feeders, BSES and BYPL, as a source of back-up power supply at the Games Village, were “redundant” then and lying “idle” now. A battery-driven UPS was also procured.

Two benchmark solutions for power supply were offered to the DDA – either two high-voltage main feeders from different zone sub-stations or one high-voltage main feeder and generators.

“We found that the procurement of DG sets/UPS was redundant considering the two independent power supply sources tapped. Even if such back-up had to be arranged, it would have been more economical to do so, on hire.”

Worse still, the auditors found the DG sets “lying idle” post-Games. On enquiry, they were told by the DDA that it planned to shift two of these DG sets to the DDA headquarters at Vikas Sadan -- one as back-up to the main supply and the other as a stand-by for the back-up. “The solutions seemed hastily put together since the load of Vikas Sadan is only 1230 kVA and deployment of two DG sets totalling 2500 kVA appears unreasonable, to say the least,” the CAG report observes.

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