Delhi Lieutenant Governor Tejendra Khanna on Saturday announced that the Committee constituted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for revival of the Yamuna would enrich the banks on either side of the 22-km stretch of the river in Delhi with bio-diversity, including parks and dense plantations.

Speaking at a function organised by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Asian Centre for Organisation and ACCORD to generate public participation and awareness for a cleaner Yamuna under the Yamuna Action Plan, Mr Khanna said the Committee would work towards restoring the original glory of the river by making it pollution free and enriching its banks.

He said active cooperation of the citizens would be required to keep the city and river clean as it was not possible for the MCD or the Government to perform the task single-handedly.

MCD commissioner K.S Mehra said the Corporation would effectively contribute to the Yamuna Action Plan.

Delhi Mayor Kanwar Sain said dumping of waste was occurring in and around the Yamuna. He cautioned that dumping of waste at any place led to the creation of an environmental and health hazard.

The Mayor appealed to the citizens to carefully consider their purchases so that the load of waste management did not increase and the principle of reducing, reusing and recycling could be worked on.

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