Huge jump in number of challans

Ever since the Supreme Court issued an order restricting the use of red beacons to only those who hold constitutional posts, the traffic cops have been on the overdrive in the Capital.


This year-end, about “260” offending babus or pretenders have been challaned, a huge jump from last year’s approximate 114.

“This will continue, we are not stopping, and we will be regularly going after those who use these beacons without having the authority to do so,” said Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Taj Hassan, confirming that out of this number around 34 had been caught in the first two weeks of December.

Names, important ones were however, not forthcoming. “We usually do not write who is there inside the vehicle; we have their car numbers that is all.”

Other traffic cops, though not as high as the Chief also couldn’t name the offenders, given that Delhi is filled with, “very important people,” who are used to using the red beacon with impunity as a status symbol.

“The challan amount is just Rs.100; it does not make a big difference to these people unless the government quickly makes amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act prescribing a big amount that will make a difference,” said another cop.


“A comparison can be made from November 30 of last year and this year. Fatal accidents last year were 1,684 which came down this year to 1,577. Speeding is also on the decline, last year it was 29,697 and this year it was 21,748. Drunken driving, however, has increased with 22,914 last year and 23,947 this year. The violations of autos have also increased significantly. Last year there were 1, 30,615 and this year it is 2, 38,108”, said a traffic cop.

The last two weeks of December will be extra foggy, so will the number of offenders’ increase?

“No, fog usually makes the average person extra cautious, so there will be less speeding, less jumping of lights, and overall lesser traffic offences, although road accidents do happen due to the fog”, the cop said .

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