The Capital on Friday shivered under severe cold as it recorded its coldest day of the season so far with the day temperature touching 8 degrees Celsius.

According to Meteorological Department director B. P. Yadav, it was freezing due to the cloudy weather conditions throughout the day, and a bit of wind and rain.

“On Saturday, the Met Department again anticipates cloudy weather conditions and there could be light rain or thundershower. There will be moderate or dense fog in the morning. The maximum and minimum temperatures will be 15 degrees and 10 degrees respectively.”

At Safdarjung, the maximum temperature was 12.9 degrees Celsius, 7 notches below normal, while the minimum was 8 degrees.

While the maximum temperature at Palam was 13.4 degrees, 7 degrees below normal, the minimum was 7.8 degrees.

Despite the weather, residents of the Walled City came out in full strength at the historic Jama Masjid to offer the Friday namaz. However, the restaurants famous for their sumptuous Mughlai cuisine showed a dip in customers.

Narrating his experience, entrepreneur and avid traveller Vivek Kaul said: “Due to heavy snowfall in the Himalayas, Friday was an unusually cold day. The freezing weather conditions resembled Mussoorie or Shimla when it snows there. I was a bit laidback in the morning but pulled myself up to go to work. And in the evening I went for a walk to Siri Fort but had to beat a hasty retreat because of the chilly weather.”

According to National Association of Street Vendors of India Ranjit Abhigyan, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and New Delhi Municipal Council need to build adequate infrastructure for street vendors so that they are protected from such unusual weather conditions.

“Inclement weather badly affects street vendors’ health as well as their livelihood. Municipal bodies need to provide secured vending space and kiosks with facility for light and water for vendors, particularly one lakh food vendors who stand out on the street throughout the day,” he added.

Flight operations at Delhi airport were also partially affected as dense fog enveloped the city. Five flights, two domestic and three international, were diverted, and eight cancelled. About 22 trains, mostly Delhi-bound, were also delayed by several hours. The service of the Poorva Express, which was running 11 hours late, was cancelled for Saturday.

While the Bhagalpur Garibrath was running 28 hours late, Kaifiyat Express and Northeast Express were behind schedule by 14 and 11 hours respectively.


Cold, rain add to commuters’ woes in Delhi January 22, 2014

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