Delhi Police is procuring 20 mobile hydraulic cranes for towing away heavy vehicles, including the DTC’s new low floor fleet, involved in accidents or breakdowns.

This is for the first time that Delhi Police is procuring cranes which will also have equipment for handling low-floor buses.

A senior police official said the cranes will have capacity ranging from 1.4 tonnes to 20 tonnes and two of them will have wrecker and underlift equipment for low-floor buses.

“These equipment will be used for lifting, dragging and towing of vehicles involved in accidents or removal of heavy vehicles which have broke down, including goods vehicles as well as low floor buses,” the official said.

Twelve cranes which will be procured will have a capacity between 1.4 and 2.3 tonnes.

Two cranes with a capacity of 10 -15 tonnes and 15 - 20 tonnes, respectively, will also be procured.

Two ten-tonne capacity cranes with wrecker and underlift equipment, which are needed for low-floor buses, are also being procured, the official said.

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