Male commuters found inside the reserved coach for women on Delhi Metro trains will be advised against travelling in them by flying squad members for now before being fined.

The flying squads have not fined any male commuters travelling in the coaches reserved for women since yesterday, when the rule of imposing a fine of Rs 200 came into effect.

However, not aware of the penalty, many male commuters are found inside the coaches reserved for women. Announcements are also made on the trains in this regard, but Delhi Metro has asked its flying squads to counsel the male passengers about the issue.

“Right now, the squad members are not fining people. They are counselling them. We have not yet decided how long this will continue,” a DMRC official said.

The squads have been counselling male commuters against travelling in the first coach of every Metro train, reserved for women.

Every flying squad comprises a lady Station Manager, a lady Customer Relation Assistant (CRA), a Security Controller, three Customer Facilitation Agents (CFA) and two CISF personnel.

The squad got into trains suddenly and counselled male commuters today, the spokesman said.

Delhi Metro had on Sunday announced that from Tuesday, men caught travelling in coaches reserved for women on the trains would have to pay a fine of Rs 200.

Metro reserved the first coach of every train for women from October 2 and since then there have been incidents of men forcing their way into the special coaches due to over-crowding in general compartments.

Children up to 12 years of age accompanying the lady passengers are allowed to travel in the reserved ladies coach.

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