The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation wants a sparkling clean look for its stations and coaches during the upcoming Commonwealth Games. And to ensure that there are no paan-stained dirty coaches and littered stations, the DMRC has begun a crackdown on passengers who do not go by the rule book.

“The DMRC is taking a number of measures to instil better civic sense among its commuters as part of its preparations for the Games. Thousands of foreign visitors are expected to use the metro system during the Games scheduled for October this year, and the Delhi Metro wants to maintain world-class civic standards in its trains and stations to welcome them,” said a spokesperson.

Four squads created

Delhi Metro authorities have become stricter with commuters found spitting inside the metro system or defacing property. Four special flying squads consisting of metro officials have been created which conduct surprise checks on a daily basis on different routes. “In March, 195 cases of spitting were detected by metro officials, while there were 62 cases of defacement of metro property and the station staff has been specifically directed to keep a close eye on commuters indulging in spitting, littering or defacing the metro premises. The station managers and controllers authorised to realise penalty from the offending commuters have already been issued ‘Authorised for Penalty' identity cards,” the spokesperson said.

“The DMRC will continue with these measures on its system from now on to ensure that cases of spitting or defacement of metro are completely brought under control. About one million commuters use the metro on any working day and it is expected that two million commuters will be using the system by the time of the Games,” the spokesperson added.

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