The All-India Tax Advocates' Forum has criticised the Delhi Government over non-recovery of arrears of tax, penalty and interest under the repealed Delhi Sales Tax Act,1975; Delhi Sales Tax on Works Contract,1999; Delhi Right to Use Goods Act, 2002 and for Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 accumulated up to the assessment year 2004-05.

In a statement, Forum president M.K. Gandhi charged that the Delhi Government had taken no effective measures to realise these huge arrears.

He suggested that the Government come out with some ordinance or Act for one-time settlement of arrears of tax, penalty or interest, as the case may be, under the above said repealed Acts and the CST Act.

Mr. Gandhi also suggested that alternatively the Government could come out with some amnesty scheme as an incentive for defaulters to come forward and pay their liabilities.

He, however, favoured a legislation over an ordinance for providing settlement of these arrears on the pattern of Tamil Nadu Sales Tax (Settlement of Arrears) Act, 2010.

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