The Delhi Transco Limited has started an Emergency Restoration System (ERS) to ensure uninterrupted power supply during crisis. The system is expected to re-energise affected areas within a short duration when transmission fails.

“Sometimes transmission lines are damaged because of unexpected situations such as heavy storms or accidents. If the transmission tower collapses it takes a long time to re-erect it. Since the transmission lines are the corridor for bulk power supply, its damage affects a large area. Through ERS a single tower structure is erected and the transmission lines are passed through this tower till the time the main tower is completely repaired,” says a DTL spokesperson.

DTL CMD Shakti Sinha says the ERS, which is being implemented in Delhi for the first time, will be of great help in an unforeseen emergency by helping in the restoration of power in the shortest possible time.

Citing a recent example, the spokesperson says: “On June 6, a 220-kV tower of Bawana – Rohini Circuit I and II collapsed because of heavy winds and the power supply to some of the North Delhi areas was affected. Though the affected areas were back fed from other sources, the hindrance in the line was putting pressure on the power system. Delhi Transco Limited using ERS erected a tower and energised it in less than 24 hours and the essential supply to the waterworks and other installations was restored. A single tower structure of ERS does not need a foundation because it is erected on a heavy metal base. The tower is kept vertically erected with supporting wires and all the safety precautions are also observed.”

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