The blazing sun might just get a little clouded over and there might be some thunder on Monday. The weatherman has forecast a slight dip in temperature but ruled out the possibility of rain.

Meanwhile, the Capital continued to suffer from the punishing heat on Sunday, with the maximum temperature being 43.6 degrees Celsius, three degrees above normal, and the minimum being 29.3 degrees Celsius, two degrees above normal. The sun also remained as scorching as usual and only set at 7-15 p.m. “I stayed in all weekend and kept the air-conditioner switched on even in the evenings but today when in the afternoon I stepped out onto my balcony for five minutes, I ended up feeling hot and sweaty for about 20 minutes,” said Bindu, a housewife in Karol Bagh. “I had to go out in the evening to meet a friend and the short walk from the metro station to the restaurant with my head covered and with sunglasses was a task but it was slightly better than the last few days,” said Akriti, a college-goer in North Delhi.

On Monday, the temperature is expected to oscillate between a maximum of 42 degrees and a minimum of 28 degrees Celsius.

Daytime temperature had reached a record-breaking high last week with Thursday’s maximum temperature of 45.7 degrees Celsius being the hottest day in a decade.

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