The minimum temperature drops to 4.8 degrees Celsius

It was another day of grey skies and bone-chilling cold for the Capital's residents on Thursday as the minimum temperature dipped to 4.8 degrees Celsius and the city continued to be shrouded in dense fog.

Despite the fog, flights continued to operate using low visibility procedures. Only five flights were delayed due to fog. Around 12 flights were delayed due to bad weather at the destination.

Trains affected

The dense fog started clearing only around 10 a.m.

Several trains were also running behind schedule due to dense fog in North India.

The maximum temperature was 17.7 degrees Celsius, three degrees below normal for this time of the year but up from Wednesday's 15.5 degrees Celsius.

The city will continue to shiver and be enveloped in fog for some time with the weatherman pegging the minimum temperature at 5 degrees Celsius on Friday and fog in the morning.

The minimum temperatures will oscillate between four degrees and six degrees Celsius until next Monday, with the maximum temperatures hovering between 18 degrees and 21 degrees Celsius.