Delhi boy Sarthak Agarwal emerged the national topper with a jaw-dropping score of 100 out of 100 in Chemistry, Physics, Economics and Mathematics in the Central Board of Secondary Education Class XII examination, the results of the Delhi region of which were announced here on Thursday. The only “disappointment” being English Core, in which he got 98.

Another Delhi boy, G. Harishankar, emerged the Commerce topper and the all-India Humanities toppers were Mugdh Setia and Vasudha Dixit, also from Delhi.

“I am elated right now,” said Sarthak, on his way to a television studio to give his first interview of the day. “I did not take tuitions, but I studied hard for 12 to 13 hours every day throughout the Board exams. I want to study Economics (Honours) at Delhi University. This is all I have planned right now,” he said, even as his mother added that “whatever Sarthak wanted, Sarthak usually got”.

“He was a very focused child, I’ve never had to scold him to study or concentrate like other parents. He knew what he wanted and he went after it,” she said, adding that he was their only child and “wanted to be good at everything he did”.

The ambition to get into his “dream colleges” motivated G. Harishankar, the Commerce topper with 99.2 per cent. “I had a target set when I entered Class XII. I took tuitions in subjects I felt weak in. I need to either get into Shri Ram College of Commerce at Delhi University where I will take B. Com (Honours) or go to National Law School in Bangalore,” he said, adding that he was planning on celebrating with a movie, after he finished giving all the interviews.

Two girls, Vasudha Dixit and Mugdh Setia, were the toppers in the Humanities stream with 98.8 per cent marks each.

“I took careful notes, throughout the year; this is what helped me with my scores. I am passionate about Psychology and I also like Japan. Therefore, I am exploring the possibility of studying a BA programme in any Japanese University and my other option is B.Tech in Psychology from Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi,” said Mugdh Setia, crediting her school DPS Indirapuram for her “awesome scores”.

Vasudha too was especially grateful to her school, Vasant Valley, Vasant Kunj, and had a special method that helped with her “awesome” scores. “I did not let the exams affect my sleep routine. This is the most important thing that helped me. It was 10 hours sleep even during the exams. I studied throughout the year, especially during my preliminary exams, and by the time the exams came around, I was in my third revision. Another important thing is that I took a lot of breaks to talk and eat. It is harmful to sit all day and only study,” said Vasudha, adding that she wanted a law degree from the United Kingdom. but she also had her options open at either St. Stephen’s or SRCC for Economics, her favourite subject, in Delhi.

The names of the toppers were provided by CBSE Adviser (Computer unit) B.M. Gupta.

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