Delhi BJP president Vijay Goel on Friday alleged that the three Commissioners of the municipal corporations are acting at the “behest of the Congress Government” to “tarnish the image of the three Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled municipal corporations” and to hurt the party’s poll prospects in the upcoming Assembly polls.

Mr. Goel slammed the Congress Government and the three municipal Commissioners for not disbursing Rs.77 crore in pensions to the aged, the widows and the differently-abled for the April-July period.

“The three municipal Commissioners are acting at the behest of the Congress Government to tarnish the image of the three municipal corporations ruled by BJP to hurt our poll prospects in the Assembly polls. The BJP has asked all the three Mayors of the municipal corporations to seek an explanation from the respective municipal Commissioners regarding the blockade of disbursement of pension to the needy sections of society,” he said while addressing district BJP presidents in a meeting here.

Mr. Goel alleged that the disbursement had been deliberately stopped by the municipal Commissioners who were appointed by the Delhi Government and accused them of toeing the Congress line.

“Nearly two lakh people have been adversely affected due to the political ploy of the municipal Commissioners in the garb of the model code of conduct. Pension is an ongoing head and ongoing expense on heads like salaries and pensions cannot be stopped according to our understanding of the Election Commission’s guidelines,” he said.

While stating that the pension amount of Rs.77 crore to the targeted beneficiaries has been approved for disbursement by all the three BJP-ruled corporations, he said the Congress Government’s hand behind this blockade of disbursement of pension is obvious from the fact that it has not released funds for pensions since July.

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