Coming together on the issue of raising their allowances, municipal councillors cutting across all part lines have written a letter to the Home Ministry.

MCD House leader Subhash Arya said: “The increased amount will motivate us to work better. We have been voicing this concern for quite some time but no one has paid any attention. Step-motherly treatment is being meted out to us even though we work much more than the MLAs and are much more approachable to the public. We deserve to get a higher allowances compared to MLAs.”

Leader of Opposition in MCD Jai Kishan Sharma has also written a letter to the Delhi's L-G Tejendra Khanna asking him to increase their monthly allowance to Rs.50,000. “I will be meeting the L-G soon and request him to look into the matter. The money would enable councillors to meet their daily expenses and help them in discharging their duties in an effective manner.”

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