A day after both the Aam Aadmi Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party released their pre-poll surveys, a group of Delhi Ministers rubbished the findings calling them “fake” and “malicious”.

The team comprising Urban Development Minister Arvinder Singh, Power Minister Haroon Yusuf and Public Works Department Minister Raj Kumar Chauhan walked into a press briefing on Saturday with a banner showing four of BJP’s senior leaders running towards the ‘CM Chair’ in an attempt to ridicule the infighting among the Opposition party’s ranks. The four leaders shown on the banner were Delhi BJP president Vijay Goel, Krishna Nagar MLA Harsh Vardhan, Leader of the Opposition V.K. Malhotra, and former State president Vijender Gupta.

“I sympathise with the Delhi BJP president since his frustrations have become so public and all the BJP leaders are fighting among each other over the issue of the chief ministerial candidate. If they are all fighting so much before the elections, imagine what will be the state of the party after elections?” said Mr. Singh. “It has become a fashion to conduct surveys. Except the Congress, everybody else seems to be conducting surveys ,” he said.

“These surveys are completely fake and a malicious campaign to fool people,” he added.

“The BJP is continuing with its habit to level false allegations as they are delivering false data about the shortage of water and power in Delhi. The Congress had put enough efforts to meet the growing demand in respective areas,” said Mr. Yusuf. He expressed hope that the upcoming elections will be favourable to the Congress.

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