Many took admission just to secure a Delhi University seat

As the last day for admissions to Delhi University for those in the first cut-off list set in, the South Campus area in Satya Niketan witnessed heavy rush. Traffic jams and a long line of parked vehicles could be seen on the street and students could be seen flocking into the various colleges here, namely Ram Lal Anand College, Moti Lal Nehru College, Sri Venkateswara College and Atma Ram Sanatan Dharam College.

However, confusion and panic marked the general behaviour of applicants, who rushed into the colleges at the eleventh hour.

“I am applying for Sanskrit Honours. But my best of four subjects includes data entry operation, which is not present in Sri Venkateswara College’s list of subjects included in the best of four marks,” said a bewildered Model Town resident Manoj Chowdhary.

“I’ve asked the counsellors to look into this. I really hope to get a seat in this college,” he added impatiently.

Many students succumbed to taking admission in any subject just to get a seat.

“I’ve taken admission in Political Science though I wanted Psychology Honours, but the cut-off was too high. But it’s alright as long as I get admission in a good college,” said Gurgaon resident Punya Priya, who has a score of 91.25 per cent and had come for admission in Sri Venkateswara College.

“My daughter wanted English Honours, but thankfully she had applied for Political Science Honours too. As English Honours seems to have sky-high cut-offs this year, she has taken admission in Political Science. Our hopes are pinned on the second cut-off list,” said a grim-looking Randhir Singh, who was waiting at the college entrance with a number of other parents.

Reservations other than those for extra-curricular activities (ECA) and sports also figure in the much-enquired about topics at admission counters.

M. Shweta, with an 80 per cent score, has her hopes set on Telugu quota at Sri Venkateswara College. “I hope I get into commerce courses like B.Com or Economics through this quota. But the dates for application are in the second week of July. I’ll wait till then, but continue applying elsewhere.”

Shreya Dhall, an Assistant Professor from the Department of Economics who sat as a counsellor at the enquiry area at Sri Venkateswara College’s entrance, agreed: “There have been a lot of queries regarding the best of four subject marks as students had taken up subjects like Fine Arts and Physical Education during their Board exams. Now they are confused whether the same can be included in their best of four.”

A tired yet upbeat Ms. Dhall added: “Most other queries have been regarding the refund process. Students are still waiting for the second cut-off. If they get into a better college, they’ll want to shift.” She added that many parents also enquired about which college was better for a specific course.

By afternoon, panic took the better of students and their parents alike as the last day of admissions for the first cut-off list drew to a close. Restless and apprehensive parents also manhandled the Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College principal after they were denied entry at admission counters which closed at 1 p.m. sharp.

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