The fifth cut-off list may be the last chance to grab a seat at Delhi University as some colleges have reopened admissions and a few popular colleges have their most coveted courses still open albeit with no or slightly reduced cut-offs.

Gargi College, which had all its courses taken except Sanskrit and Commerce, has reopened admissions to History and Philosophy but has peculiarly increased its Commerce cut-off from 94.75 per cent to a range of 94 to 97 per cent. The college had almost all its seats closed in the second list itself but had to release the fifth cut-off list owing to withdrawals.

Hans Raj College still has Commerce and English open and Hindu College has its much-coveted Economics course open at the same 96.5 per cent. “It is open because we declared very high cut-offs to avoid over admissions, but it will not be reduced as we have arrived at the cut-off from past experience,” said Hindu College principal Pradyum Kumar, adding that there may be another list if there were withdrawals. “The Business in Management Studies interviews are coming up soon, and we anticipate that there might be some withdrawals from the Commerce students.”

Kamala Nehru College had closed its English course but has now reopened it with a cut-off ranging from 88.25 to 94.75 per cent.

Lady Shri Ram is still offering History with a reduced 93.75 per cent but its seats are fast filling up. “Most of the seats are filling up fast and most probably there would not be a sixth list for us,” said college spokesperson Dr. Kannika.

Lesser-known colleges, which had illegally closed their gates for admissions to students before the stipulated time in the wake of “over admissions”, surprisingly have many of their seats still on offer.

ARSD College has Economics, English and Commerce on offer; Maharaja Agrasen has Commerce and English open; SGTB Khalsa has Commerce and English open; Commerce and Economics are still open at the College of Vocational Studies and Swami Shraddhanand College is offering commerce at 83 per cent.

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