Staff association, University authorities, however, not buying the explanation

Ramjas College authorities have attributed their failure to properly screen mark-sheets, which eventually led to the fake admission racket, to an “unprecedented rush” during admissions which in turn made the screening process practically impossible for the administration.

College Principal Dr. Rajendra Prasad, who convened a press conference here on Monday, distributed thick booklets containing university circulars and college admission guidelines to minutes of meetings held by the college's staff council and the cut-off lists.

“I want to remove certain misunderstandings that have cropped up during this entire episode,” he said, before proceeding to read from the booklet technical details of the admission procedure.

“We are also looking into the mark-sheets of second year students again and we might even check the third year's,” he said when asked whether he had followed due procedure last year.

The Principal also stated that the police was conducting the investigations in a “fair and speedy manner” and that they had “apologised” for their formerly aggressive behaviour during the initial stages of investigation.

His explanations were, however, not accepted by the college staff association who alleged that there was something inherently wrong with the administration.

‘Not informed'

“We categorically state that we were not informed by the administration that they will not be cross-checking CDs this year,” said the Association secretary Vikas Verma, adding that the Ramjas administration had not admitted genuine students who were waiting for their Class X mark-sheets.

“Other colleges took an undertaking from these students to submit their mark-sheets within 10 days, but this college, which did not even allow such students, managed to allow so many fakers.”

Association president Dr. S. K. Jha said: “There was a similar scam which was unearthed in 2005 where five admissions were cancelled and a similar internal committee was formed to prevent such acts in future, but we are yet to see any report from the committee.”

University authorities are also not buying Dr. Prasad's explanation.

“This has been happening in Ramjas for some time,” said university sources.

Dr. Prasad was questioned by the police about three days ago when he complained that he was being victimised.