The anguish and outrage over the gang-rape and brutal assault on the 23-year-old woman on Sunday night, who continues to fight for her life at Safdarjung Hospital, has united the politicians, common man and activists across the country in demanding the strictest possible punishment for the six men accused of committing the heinous crime. And amid the shrill demand for punishment, many people have started lining up outside Safdarjung Hospital here offering to donate blood, money and any other support that the girl might need to survive the ordeal.

Vinod Jha, a Delhi University student who had come to offer help to the victim on Wednesday, said: “While the nation prays for the brave girl who fought her attackers, the least we can do is to come and express our solidarity here with the family. We hope she survives and goes on to do very well in her life. So while the attackers should be forced to remain in jail all their life, they should also be allowed to see how well this girl is doing despite their brutal attack. I have come to offer my best wishes to the victim.”

Expressing her concern and bewilderment at the brutality of the crime, Richa Singh -- who had accompanied her mother undergoing treatment at Safdarjung Hospital -- said: “This is a young girl we are talking about and our heart goes out to what she had to endure. There are several people who have gathered outside the hospital today. Most of us are curious about the politicians and leaders coming here and the media vans, but that aside we all want the girl to be well, healthy and lead a full life. And yes I would be very willing to contribute in any way I can.”

Praying that the victim is able to survive the trauma, Nisha Cherian -- a nurse working in a private city hospital visiting her friend at Safdarjung Hospital -- said: “We have to come together as a society to help this girl rebuild her life and that will be the best thing that we as a community and nation can do to heal the sick mindset that seems rampant at this time.”

Stating that best wishes and prayers were flowing in for the victim from across the country, Safdarjung Hospital medical superintendent Dr. B. D. Athani said: “There are people who have approached us directly offering to donate blood and any other support that the girl might need. Even our own medical students have come forward to help the victim. The attack has angered the nation and we are seeing very strong public support for the victim.”

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