The Capital's power distribution companies will no longer find it easy to overdraw from the Northern Grid to make up their shortfall. The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, taking cognisance of grid indiscipline displayed by the discoms last year, has decided to bring down the operating grid frequency from between 50.3 - 49.2 Hz to 50.2 - 49.5 Hz.

According to sources, the step is aimed at arresting grid indiscipline that in turn threatens grid safety. “The CERC has indicated that the changes will be enforced from April 1. When implemented, this will make it difficult for the discoms to overdraw power. The CERC will be more stringent with the norms this year,” sources said.

A senior Power Department official said the discoms can no longer get away with making inadequate arrangements for power once the regulation is effected.

“In June last year, BSES had not managed to secure power required to provide its consumers and with the demand shooting up considerably owing to the sharp rise in temperatures, the company had to overdraw from the Northern Grid. The company was also issued notices for not adhering to the grid code and eventually penalised. This year this may no longer be possible.”

In June last year, BSES Rajdhani was slapped a penalty of Rs.1.68 crore by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission for overdrawing from the grid when the frequency was below the safety limit of 49.2 Hz.

The official was, however, quick to point out that with more power expected between April and September, the discoms may not have to rely on overdrawal.

“The indications are good. Delhi is expecting about 1,100 MW of power between April and September. Also once the Commonwealth Games begin in October there is more than adequate power slotted for Delhi,” he added.

Starting March-end, Delhi is expecting 400 MW from the first unit of the Dadrti power plant which has been commissioned and the second unit is expected to be commissioned by April and will deliver another 400 MW by June.

The city will also get about 200 MW from Chandrawal VII under the Damodar Valley Corporation project from March-end. North Delhi Power Limited will receive 300 MW from the Maithon project, which is a tie-up between DVC and Tata Power, in September-October. Another 100 MW will come in June from the power plant being set up by NDPL.

“These 1,100 MW are apart from Delhi's own generation and other bilateral alliances. With this surplus and their other agreements in place, the discoms should well be able to meet the summer peak demand,” the official said.

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