Zakir Husain College of Delhi University is celebrating the 200th birth anniversary of the Father of the theory of Evolution, Charles Darwin, by organising a series of competitions along with an exhibition and a symposium. The competitions, to be held from November 17 to 19, will involve collage, poster and cartoon-making and slogan-writing. In addition, there will be a debate on redundancy of Darwinism and a creative writing competition in which students will pen their views on “Survival of the fittest’’.

The exhibition, which will be on view from December 10 to 15, will focus on “Darwin and Human Society”.

The symposium to be held on December 15 will comprise a series of deliberations and discussions on “Re-visiting Darwin: Natural Theory versus Social Practices”.

The discussions will involve understanding of Darwin, interpreting Darwin biology, discourses on social Darwinism and mapping dualism between human society and nature.

The purpose of the celebrations is to deliberate and re-interpret Darwin in the context of contemporary challenges facing human society. There will be interactive sessions to help students understand and re-interpret the correlations between evolution in nature on one hand and human society on the other. The event also marks 150 years of the publication of Darwin’s famous evolutionary theory “On the Origin of Species”.