Two periods per week have been earmarked for the subject

All CBSE schools have been asked to expose the students to a career in the armed forces at the senior secondary classes.

The schools have also been asked to visit the website of the three wings of the armed forces for motivational materials. Directions have been issued to all CBSE—affiliated schools principals asking them to provide guidance to students under the general foundation course in class XI and XII.

“It has been decided by the Board that all the schools affiliated to it must provide guidance to students in senior secondary classes about prospective career options.

“It has also been emphasised that in addition to other possible career options, the schools must expose students to the challenging and satisfying career in the armed forces under general foundation course,” a circular issued to the schools said.

The foundation course, which is compulsory, aims to promote awareness of students about current affairs and general knowledge including future career options.Two periods per week have been earmarked for the subject.

The circular to the principals also referred to the NCERT-published supplementary book titled ‘The Indian Army — A Glorious Heritage’ and suggested exposure to such books would help a student inculcate a defence services work ethos which is characterised by diligence, perseverance, dedication, a regimental way of life and above all resilience and humility.

The book contains motivational-cum-informative write-ups for students of different age groups.