It took a telephone call to a “higher-up” in Delhi Police to get help for the guard, the victim of a heist, who lay bleeding after a gunshot injury in Defence Colony on Friday.

Bharati Chaturvedi of environmental research and action group Chintan, who was present in Defence Colony when the incident took place, told The Hindu that her calls to the Delhi Police helpline ‘100’ went unanswered.

“At first I could not get through to 100 because it is a three-digit number and then the calls went unanswered. After wasting a couple of minutes I decided to call a neighbour who is in the police. The police personnel arrived within 15 minutes of my making the call,” she said.

Ms. Chaturvedi, who was in a shop nearby when the shooting took place, said it was the locals who picked up the bleeding man and rushed him to a hospital.

“By the time the police arrived, the locals had already picked up the wounded man and rushed him to hospital in an auto-rickshaw,” Ms. Chaturvedi said.

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