Delhi to be considered for the title only in 2014

The “World Heritage City” tag for the Capital seems less elusive now with the Delhi Government approving the Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage’s campaign in this regard. Armed with the title “Imperial Town Planning Traditions of Delhi”, INTACH Delhi Chapter is all set to prepare the final dossier to be submitted to UNESCO.

“The Delhi Tourism & Transportation Development Corporation have been asked to sign an agreement with us and fund our preparation of the final dossier,” said INTACH Delhi Chapter convenor A. G. K. Menon. “This way we do not need to cut any corners since we have the government’s support,” he said, adding that the move is also evident of the government’s intention to protect Delhi’s heritage.

However, Delhi will be considered for the tag only in 2014 and not next year. “UNESCO put us on the tentative list only on May 22 this year and to be considered we have to stay on the list for a year. This means we will be considered only in 2014,” said Mr. Menon.

This gives the team at INTACH more time to work on the final dossier that will promote both Shahjahanabad and Interior New Delhi (Lutyens’ Delhi) as World Heritage cities. “We are still debating which criteria to apply under since each criterion has to have evidence from the ground,” he said.

Earlier INTACH was only going to apply under Criteria 4 – (an outstanding example of a type of building, architectural or technological ensemble or landscape which illustrates (a) significant stage(s) in human history) but is also considering Criteria 1 (to represent a masterpiece of human creative genius).

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